From Kerouak to Lille [2007]


And I am an unhappy stranger
grooking in the street of Paris
My friends have left,
my lover thew me away
my other lovers have also left,
my bed rocked
no holy weed to get high by candlelight and dream
only cheap alcohol next to me
drinking alone in the sad kitchen.
I have no house,
I have no love to give
I have no love to receive.
Bars at night
With fucked up fellows
Dancing crazy, feeling like a broken angel
dreamin about apocalypse in Tokyo
with aliens. Crazily shooting everywhere
I was running.
And one ordinary morning
waking up with an unknown guy sleeping next to me
only the name changes
ordinary guy, like every morning.
Make me laugh, please.
My address book is full of notes :
"I love you"
I dont remember who wrote me.
But who cares?
My only friend is an old scooter
roaming everywhere
smoking with me, the toxic fag.
Autumn's coming. I didnt see the summer this year.
I have some mayonnaise left,
a whole unwanted bottle of oil,
a pinguin flying on my head
singing the song i ve never heard
And blaming about the promises i ve never promised
Why did you leave me?
Sad boy, you kicked me out of your bed, one wednesday morning.
You were crying
I was crying.
"I wanted to have kids with you, sad boy"
Such a meanless word.
If I get drunk I get thirsty
If I drink I want to pee
If I talk people get hurt
If I smile I hide my sadness
If I write I am a bad poet
If I cry I'm just a child
If I remember I am a looser
If I wait the waiting's longer
If I love that is a fake
If I think my thinking is vaine
If I go to the cinema I wont have money to eat
If I move I will be desapointed
If I do nothing nothing goes
So let dance, sad song
So let dance, sad people.