12.08.05 San Francisco vs FMTM [2005]


2 coins of quarter and 1 telephone booth
7 numbers dialed, it was around 18th & mission,
Your voice saying “hey”
My voice answering “hey”.

3 kids sleeping in the boat: the Laboratorium.
1 unusual morning: I am in Jack London square
5 seagulls flying about in the fresh air
4 bucks for a fresh glass of orange juice and
2 goodbyes to my friends for a long time.

5 pills of Aspirin,
2 cups of Smecta, damn! I hate being hang over!
1 friend, Koshak, living in the music that I love
1 friend, Shiho, living in the sweetness that I love
2 of my best friends, I am in San Francisco.

“1 Pad Thai and 1 Tom Yum soup, please.
- 12 dollars, please.
- Can I have some tea please?
- Please!

1 iPod in my left pocket, I turn:
Number 128 Neutral Milk Hotel
Number 2, King of Carrot,
Part 1.
3 minutes of happiness.
Reminding last morning, in your bed, listening to this song together.
“Weird song, you said. Weird words”
In the odor of cigarettes and coffee,
Your little tiny room, decorated with CDs and posters.
Your roof was white and your hand was warm.

8 pm my Pad Thai turns to my saddest appalling Pad Thai ever.
7 times “NO FOOD!”
2 mean doormen offending
2 forced mouthfuls, I can’t eat!
And 100 tears. I feel like a child.

12.8 Fillmore
45 minutes of excitement
3 kick ass gangs
1500 crowds.

1/2 Post concert Pad Thai, cold but better taste.
3/4-hour driving, Oakland Bridge by night!
2 am fall in love
3 am fall asleep