[35mm, 09'30", 2011]


Director: Momoko Seto

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Water: energy, life, miracle.
Species: plants and mushrooms, turf war, survivorship.
Mould: pollution, destruction, consequence.

Somewhere in the Universe, the PLANET Z.
A miracle happens. A water jet springs up and gives birth to a new life: plants. A desert planet
became a green planet…
Different species cohabit: liquid and sticky mushrooms. But little by little, they invade the green land, and destroy the idyllic life. The toxic spores kill the plants, and transform the planet to a mouldy land… But after destroying all the vegetation, the future of the mould seems to be fearsome. A species cannot live without other ones…

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The film "Planet Z" shows natural phenomena – and not subjects - to tell a story about a living,
evolving and dying planet. This project seeks to create a unique space and time dimension by
focusing on the aesthetics of things, which are rather strange and repugnant.

I tried to create a gigantic world from the tiny elements, and a rapidly changing world from the
slow and imperceptible to the naked eye phenomena. The chosen "actors" are small sprouting radishes, slime moulds (tiny mobile mushrooms which live everywhere), or fruit and vegetable moulds; that is to say the actors are common natural elements that exist around us, but we do not necessarily pay attention.

[read in French]


Shooting Format: Photos series
Projection Format: 35mm, DCP
Sound Format: Dolby SR
No dialogues.

Pictures of the shooting PLANET Z
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[Screening & Festival]


Berlinale International Film Festival, official selection in Short film Competition, Berlin [De], feb 14-19th 2011

Tampere Film Festival [Fi], march 10-13th 2011

Future Film Festival, Bologna [It], april 20-23th 2011

Zurich, private gala organized by WWF [Ch], april 29th 2011

International Short Film Festival of Santiago de Compostela [Es], may 6-15th 2011

Athens Video Art Festival [Ge], may 20-22th 2011

Ficma - Barcelona International Environmental Film Festival [Es], june 1-8th 2011

Hamburg International KurzFilm Festival [De], june 7-13th 2011

Festival côté court Pantin [Fr], june 10-21st 2011

FICA, the International Festival of Environmental Film and Video, Goià [Br], june 14-19th 2011

Arcipelago Festival Internazionale di Cortometraggi e Nuove Immagini [it], june 17-23th 2011

FEST - International Film Festival, Esphino [Pt], june 26th - july 3rd 2011

Festival International du Film Merveilleux, Paris [Fr], june 30th-july 2nd 2011

Paris Cinéma, Paris [Fr], july 2-13th 2011

Festival du court métrage en plein air de Grenoble [Fr], july 5-9th 2011

CinemadaMare - International Itinerant Film Festival [it], july 5th - aug 16th 2011

Femina - Festival Internacional de Cinema Feminino, Rio [Br], july 11-17th 2011

International Short Film Competition FIB Cortos, Madrid [Es], july 14-17th 2011

Anima Mundi, Rio + Sao Paulo [Br], july 15-31st 2011

Cool connections, special Berlinale program, Moscow [Ru] aug 9th 2011

Open Air Filmfest Weiterstadt [De], aug 11-15th 2011

Short Shorts Film Festival México [me], sept 1-9th 2011

12th Circuito Off Venice International Short Film Festival [it], sept 2-5th 2011

ANIMANIMA, cacak [se], sept 7-10th 2011

Milano Film Festival, Milano [it], sept 10-19th 2011

25 FPS - Intl Experimental Film And Video Festival, Zagreb [co], sept 20-25th 2011

Man International Film Festival, St Petersburg [ru], sept 23-30th 2011

ELLES TOURNENT, festival de films de femmes de Bruxelles [Be], sept 29 - oct 2 2011

shnit international shortfilmfestival, Bern [ch], oct 5-9th 2011

OK. Video FLESH, Jakarta [in], oct 6-17th 2011

Festival du Nouveau Cinéma, Montréal [ca], oct 8-19th 2011

Women Make Waves Film Festival, Taipei [taiwan], oct 14-23th 2011

3D Wire, Segovia [es], oct 14-16th 2011

Imagine Science Film, NYC [usa], oct 16-25th 2011

un festival c'est trop court, Nice [fr], oct 18-23th 2011

Tehran short film festival, Tehran [ir], oct 21-26th 2011

Sardinian Sustainability Film Festival [it], oct 21-30th 2011

Roshd International film festival, Tehran [ir], oct 31st - nov 6th 2011

TOFUZI, international festival of animated film, Batumi [ge], nov 2-5th 2011

Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival - Curta Cinema [br], oct 27th - nov 6th 2011

Bibliothèque de la Part-Dieu, Lyon [fr], nov 8th 2011

Bolzano ShortFilmFestival, Bolzano [it], nov 9-12th 2011

Kassel Documentary Film & Video Festival [de], nov 8-13th 2011

15th Anniversary Edition of the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival [Ca], November 8-13 (Toronto) and November 18-19 (Richmond Hill) 2011

Stockholm International Film Festival [sw], nov 9-20th 2011

Festival Européen du film court de Brest [fr], nov 10-18th 2011

Festival Du Cinema Europeen En Essonne [fr], nov 15-27th 2011

Animated Dreams, Tallinn [es], nov 16-20th 2011

Festival À NOUS DE VOIR - Science et Cinéma, oullins [fr], nov 17-27th 2011

IFF ETIUDA&ANIMA, Krakow [po], nov 18-24th 2011

L’Aquila Film festival [it], nov 23-26th 2011

Tutti nello stesso piatto Festival Internazionale di Cinema Cibo & VideoDiversità, Trento [it], nov 25th 2011

Festival tous courts d'Aix, Aix en Provence [fr], nov 28 - dec 2nd 2011

Expotoons International Animation Festival, Buenos Aires [ar], nov 30 - dec 2nd 2011

Festival de Vendôme [fr], dec 2-9th 2011

Festival national du film d’animation, Bruz [fr], dec 7-13th 2011

Magma – mostra di cinema breve, Acireale [it], dec 8-10th 2011

Festival Premiers Plans, Angers [fr], jan 16-25th 2012

Exhibition in Recife Antigo [br], feb 6-27th 2012

CON-CAN film festival, Machida [jp], feb 11-12th 2012

Festival International du film d'environnement, Paris [fr], feb 14-17th 2012

Screening at "Ballet botanique. Autour du cinéma de Jean Comandon" BnF, Paris [fr], feb 16th 2012

Animac - Mostra Internacional de Cinema d'Animació de Catalunya [es], march 1-4th 2012

Frauen Film Tagem, Wien [au], march 1-8th 2012

Vidéoformes, Clermont Ferrand [fr], march 14-17th 2012

Go Short, Nijmegen [nl], march 14-18th 2012

Tricky Women Festival, Wien [au], march 14-18th 2012

Cape Winelands Film Festival, Cape Town & Stellenbosch [za], march 14-24th 2012

Festival international du film d'Aubagne [fr], march 19-24th 2012

Oslo Screen Film Festival, Oslo [no], march 2012

Festival International de Films de Femmes de Créteil [fr], march 30th - april 12th 2012

Trois jours trop courts (Castres) [fr], april 5-7th 2012

KKO festival Altkirch, Alsace [fr], april 11-15th 2012

Mecal, International Short Film Festival of Barcelona [es], april 12-29th 2012

Mediawave, Kazinczy [hu], april 26-30th 2012

Animasivo, Mexico [me], may 14-20th 2012

Soirée Bref, MK2 Quai de Seine, Paris [fr], may 15th 2012

Instants Vidéo Numériques et poétiques, La Friche Belle de Mai, Marseille [fr], may 18-20th 2012

EcoCup film festival, Moscow [ru], may 18-20th 2012

Espace Les 26 couleurs, Saint-Fargeau-Ponthierry [fr], may 31st 2012

CinemAmbiente Environmental Film Festival, Turin [it], may 31st - june 5th 2012

Green Nation Fest, program Anima Mundi, Rio de Janeiro [br], may 31st - june 8th 2012

VIS Vienna Independent Shorts, Vienna [au], june 6-10th 2012

Short film night organised by the Association Taluah, cinéma du Val d'Yerres (l'Essonne) [fr], june 8th 2012

Open Eyes Filmfestival, Marburg [de], july 12-15th 2012

Bánkitó Festival - Bánk [hu], july 21st 2012

Festival Kinookus Film Festival, Ston [croatia], sept 5-6th 2012

Croq'Anime, Paris [fr], sept 7-9 2012

Cinéma l'Omnia de Rouen [fr], sept 27th 2012

Festival International du Film d’Animation Animatou, Genève [ch], oct 6-14 2012

Festival International du Film Ecologique de Bourges [fr], oct 11-14 2012

festival Fesancor de Santiago du Chili, [cl] oct 20th-30th 2012

Timelapse Showfest, Pozuelo de Alarcón [es], oct 28th 2012

21st Annual Whitaker St. Louis International Film Festival [USA], nov 8th-18th 2012

Mindpirates, Experimental Animation Night, Berlin [de], oct 10h 2012

2nd Hanoi International Film Festival [vn], 25-29th nov 2012

Festival de film d'animation de Bruz, secret de fabrication, [fr], dec 15th 2012

Festival Ciné Junior, Val-de-Marne [fr], feb 13-26th 2013

Crossing Europe Film Festival, Linz [au], april 23-28th 2013

International Short Film Festival, Oberhausen [de], may 2-5th 2013

2nd Ecofalante Environmental Film Festival / Mostra Ecofalante de Cinema Ambiental, São Paulo, [br], May/June 2013

2nd edition of Pelicam International Environmental Film Festival, Tulcea [ro],june 14-16th 2013

Rencontres Internationales Sciences et Cinémas, Marseille [fr], oct 10th-19th 2013

Cinemathèque Française de Paris [fr], oct 20th 2013

Espace Beuajon, Paris [fr], may 22nd 2014

"Les mondes animé", Rennes [fr], march 6th 2016

Mori Art Museum, exhibition "The Universe and Art" Tokyo [jp], july 30th 2016 - jan 9th 2017

Exhibition Universe and Art" at ArtScience Museum, Singapore, April 1st – July 31th 2017

Screening at Eac Les Roches for the exhibition Charlotte Charbonnel, Chambon-sur-Lignon [Fr], aug 8th 2017

‘Otsukimi’ screening at Dallas Contemporary [USA], oct 3rd 2017

Serie Mania Lille [Fr], April 27th - May 5th 2018

Collective exhibition for "Paysage-Fiction" at Tétris for "un Été au Havre" [Fr], June 23 - setp 3 2018

Galerie DA-END [Fr], sept 13 - oct 10th 2018

Journées du patrimoine à Nice au Musée d'Art Moderne et d'Art contemporain de Nice [Fr], sept 15th 2018

VIBRANT MATTER at Kino Arsenal, Berlin [De], oct 18th 2018

Collective exhibition for "Paysage-Fiction" at Bel Ordinaire, for the 18th edition of Festival accès)s(, Pau [Fr], oct 11th - dec 8th 2018

Festival Ciné Junior, Val de Marne [Fr], Feb 13-26th 2019

Ciné-concert dans le cadre du festival Ciné-Jeune de l’Aisne [Fr], March 26th - April 14th 2019

VIBRANT MATTER at Art Center Casa Encendida, Madrid [Es], Nov 5-8th 2019

Format Court, La Rochelle [Fr], Oct 8th 2019

Biennale NEMO, CENTQUATRE-PARIS [Fr], Oct 12th 2019 - Feb 9th 2020

Special screening at BnF, Paris [Fr], Nov 12th. 2019

Exhibition at LAM, Lille [Fr], Nov 16-17th 2019

Fête de l'animation - masterclass, Lille [FR], Nov 30th 2019

2ANNAS Riga International Short Film Festival [Lv] - retrospective, Feb 10th - 16th 2020

"Dark Ecology" at Leiden Shorts [Nl], September 11th 2020

Festival de l’histoire de l’Art à Fontainebleau [Fr], June 6th 2021

"Cinema and Ecological Reason" on the Culturgest website [Pt], June 14th-21st 2021

Masterclass at Anifilm, International Festival of Animated Films, Liberec [CZ], June 26th 2021

Exposition « Le Voyageur, l’Obstacle, la Grâce » au centre d’art contemporain de Briançon [Fr], July 1st 2021 - Oct 17th 2021

Centre d’Art La Graineterie Houilles [Fr], July 10th 2021

Festival Alimenterre, Bruxelle [BE], Oct 9-16th 2021




BEST FILM at Festival de Film Merveilleux, Paris France, 2011

BEST SOUND DESIGN at Animanima, International Animation Festival, Cacak Serbia, 2011

SPECIAL MENTION at Milano Film Festival, Italy, 2011

BEST EXPERIMENTAL FILM at Tehran Short Film Festival, Iran 2011

BEST EXPERIMENTAL FILM at Tofuzi International Animated Film In Batumi, Georgia 2011

SPECIAL MENTION at Sardinian Sustainability Film Festival In Sardinia, Italy 2011

SPECIAL MENTION at Vidéoformes - professional jury award, Clermont-Ferrand, France 2012

STUDENT JURY AWARD (Université Blaise Pascal) at Vidéoformes, France 2012

AUDIENCE AWARD, Festival film de femme de Créteil, France 2012




Pré-selection Meilleurs Césars d'animation 2011, France

Les Lutins de court-métrage, animation 2011, France



[TV diffusion]

Canal+ (co-financer), Mesomadaire, April 11th 2011 at 23:37
Canal+ Format court, sept 2012
Canal+ Décalé, nov 26th 2012




Sacrebleu Productions, Paris [Fr]




Workshop at Centre Pompidou, for Green Attitude, at studio 13-16, Paris [fr], nov 5, 6, 9th 2012

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